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SWF to HTML5 Converter helps you convert flash .swf files to HTML5 videos in great quality.

SWF to HTML5 Movie Maker Product Features Introduction

Convert flash .swf files to HTML5
SWF to HTML5 Converter is equipped with powerful conversion features for flash users converting .swf animations to HTML5 videos. After uploading all the created HTML5 files to your website successfully, you can enjoy the HTML5 videos on laptop, desktop, or portable devices using popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Opera.

Play Movies on any browsers or devices

Download online flash .swf filess
Have you ever found interesting and useful flash .swf files online but didn't know how to rip them? SWF to HTML5 Converter has the ability to download .swf files from any websites easily. Just click the "Download From Web" icon, input the URL address, and then click "OK" to start downloading. You can view the ripped .swf files, click "Download" to import .swf files to the software, or click "Save as" to store the downloaded .swf files on your computer.

Edit flash .swf animations
Various editing features are offered by SWF to HTML5 Converter. You can change the flash .swf animations quality by changing the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation; trim the imported .swf files to an ideal size by setting the width and height; rotate or flip flash .swf animations; cut an original flash .swf file into small segments; grab a picture from SWF as the HTML5 poster.

Edit video to make it vivid

Add watermark or advertisement
How to protect your HTML5 movie before distributing online? You can add a picture as the watermark, and change the picture transparency and size, position. On the Advertisement area, you can add a picture and set a link so that the visitors can visit your website by clicking the picture. After creating, you are allowed to view the HTML5 movie with advertisement, and adjust its size.

Watermark and advertisement

SWF to HTML5 templates settings
SWF to HTML5 Converter provides you with three HTML5 play bar templates: Default, YouTube, and Simple, so choose any one as you like. The converted HTML5 play ways can be set to meet your different requirements by selecting Autoplay, Controls or Loop.

Templates settings

Fast and easy to make HTML5
SWF to HTML5 Converter is the fastest HMTL5 video creating software for it supports multithread conversion, and the maximum-parallel conversion can be achieved to 4. Just with several mouse clicks, you'll get the HTML5 movies from flash .swf animations in a while with excellent quality.

Fast to create HTML5

SWF to HTML5 Movie Maker

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