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How to lock folders with Folder Locker for Mac?

People pay more attention on individual privacy than ever. More and more people are surfing online for the sake of working out a way to hide folders on PC. Windows users find it easy to hide certain folders, but for Mac users it seems not that easy. When you launch the Finder, it shows all the stuffs in your Mac. It’s really unpleasant. Curiosity comes with everyone. People may not intend to get some confidential content of another person, but they would just click on a file when it exists in the Finder. It’s a natural thing. So to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary trouble, it’s better to lock the sensitive folders.

Mac folder locker is a special software designed for Mac users. As the name suggests, hiding folders is the software’s key feature. When you lock a certain folder, it will disappear from the Finder. No more changes would make with the hidden folder. It is safe and brings no damage to the hidden folder. The following will guide you how to hide folders.

How to lock folders with Mac Folder Locker?

Install Mac Folder Locker on your Mac, launch it. The intuitive interface shows as below.

Lock folders with Folder Locker for Mac

Open the Finder and navigate to a folder you want to hide. Drag the folder to the main area of Mac folder locker. Then check the checkbox on the right of the folder to hide it. To unhide the hidden folder, deselect the checkbox. Hide and Unhide buttons on the top are given for batch operations. Keep in mind one vital thing that set up a password to keep prying eyes away.

Lock folders with Folder Locker for Mac

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