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How to convert SWF to FLV with Flash SWF Converter?

It’s has been a long time that we cannot do much with an SWF file. An SWF file is neither accepted by popular players nor video sites. But now situation has changed. We can convert an SWF file to other formats to play it or share it on the internet with others. Among the most popular accepted formats, FLV is drawing more and more attention. Most video players now can play FLV files. Notable online video websites include YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, have accepted FLV as the default video format. To convert SWF to FLV, we need another application, Flash SWF Converter. The following is a simple guide on how to get FLV from SWF.

Step One: Loading an SWF File to Flash SWF Converter
Launch Flash SWF Converter and click Open Local File to choose an SWF file you need to convert. Press Open button or just give the selected SWF file a double to open it.

Convert SWF to FLV with Flash SWF to FLV Converter

Step Two: Converting an SWF File to an FLV File
Hit Output Format to choose a format you want to get. Advanced settings are also available for you to change resolution, frame rate, bit rate and other parameters. After all the settings are correctly done as you wish, click OK to return to the main menu. Then hit Start to get your SWF file converted to FLV file.

Convert SWF to FLV with Flash SWF to FLV Converter

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