Folder Hider/Locker for Mac

A simple and effective app to hide & lock your private folders and files on Mac.

Ast Folder Hider/Locker for Mac Free to hide & lock your folders, files on Mac OS X

Folder Hider/Locker for Mac would be a good choice if you are looking for a software to protect your Mac folders and files. It is simple to hide your personal files just by dragging and dropping, and lock them by setting a password. Just a blink of an eye, you can hide and password-protect your folders, files, applications, financial records, pictures, videos, emails, invoices, client lists, or whatever you need. Free download the Folder Hider/Locker for Mac to keep your private things from your kids, family members, or other snoopers.

With the smart Mac Folder Hider/Locker, you can move some special certain folders, files, or apps to hide them, and they will not appear in your Mac Finder. When unhide, those hidden folders, files and apps will be visible again, a terrific app, isn’t it? So you can regard Folder/Locker for Mac as a safe place to hide private things, no worry about snooping, Mac theft or hacking. It’s convenient to protect your important data on Mac OS X.

Free to hide & lock your folders, files on Mac OS X

Mac OSX Folder Hider/Locker

Folder Hider/Locker for Mac is a magic app to protect your folders and files on Mac by entering a password.

OSX Folder Hider/Locker Mac